Controlling carpet beetles

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carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are small beetles that are about 4 to 5 mm long. They feed on animal and plant fibers and lay eggs near their food source. The larvae of carpet beetles are the most harmful as they can eat the fibers of fabrics and leave holes in clothes and carpets. The problem with carpet beetles is that they are often not visible and can spread quickly, especially if they find food.

Effective carpet beetle control

When it comes to storing clothes and carpets, the last thing on your mind may be small bugs that could cause damage. Unfortunately, carpet beetles are a common problem and can feed on wool, silk, cotton and other materials used in clothing and carpets. But don’t worry, there is a solution that solves the problem in a safe and effective way: freezing.

Carpet beetle pests in the home: prevent spread

Fortunately, freezing clothes and carpets is an effective way to kill carpet beetles and prevent further spread. Freezing clothing and carpets at -20 degrees Celsius for three days kills all stages of the carpet beetle, including the larvae and eggs. Freezing is a safe and natural way to control these critters without the need for harmful chemicals.

How does it work?

First, you make an appointment on our website. After that, you will receive a confirmation in your mailbox. Making an appointment by phone is also among the possibilities. You then bring your items at the appointed time, after which they are frozen by us at -20 degrees Celsius for the duration of 3 full days. After this period, you can pick up your belongings again at your convenience. Upon returning home, just wash out the garments and your clothes will be as before!

Collection service

Are you unable to deliver your items? Then that’s no problem because we at also offer the option of picking up your belongings. Ask about the cost of this by phone and we can calculate it based on where you live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet beetles are small beetles that feed on organic material such as wool, hair and feathers. They are particularly notorious for damaging carpets and other textiles.

Carpet beetles are about 2 to 4 millimeters long and have an oval shape. They are often covered with tiny hairs and have a brown to black appearance.

Adult carpet beetles feed mainly on pollen and nectar but their larvae live on animal matter such as certain substances and cadavers. So the larvae are the problem.

Carpet beetles can often be recognized by the tiny holes they leave in textile products. They also often leave skins behind as they grow and molt. Adult beetles are sometimes found near light sources.

An effective way to control carpet beetles is to freeze the infected textile products at -20 degrees Celsius for at least three days. This is a safe and natural method of killing carpet beetles without the use of chemicals. Freezing textile products will kill the larvae, beetles and eggs, and prevent them from spreading further.

Carpet beetles are generally not harmful to human health. However, their presence can cause allergic reactions in some people.

To prevent carpet beetles from entering your home, make sure all openings to the outside are properly sealed. Also, keep your home clean and dust-free and avoid storing textile products in damp, dark places.

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Fight carpet beetles today?

At, we specialize in freezing clothing and carpets to control carpet beetles and other insects. Our process is fast, simple and affordable. Moreover, we make sure that your clothes and carpets are handled safely and carefully, so you can be confident that they will remain in good condition.